Zeso Art

First off I wanna say its GREAT to be back at Titty Sprinkles, cuz’ we all love some sprinkles on our….. I haven’t written in some time now and honestly I couldn’t pick a better subject matter to catch up on, Art. When I first heard about this graffiti artist named Zeso, I had no idea who it was. Like many of you, you wont know a single thing if it wasn’t through word of mouth and a touch of research yourself. So hear we are and I’m giving you the 411 on Zeso Art. Now being in the skateboarding field, you have to understand that graffiti is a big part of it. It being with that said, we here on the west coast can never compare to what these cats on the east coast are doing… hell they invited it and never stopped. Dont get me wrong! There are some pretty dope artists on the west coast but when you think of graffiti, what comes to mind? This cat here is pretty damn impressive and look forward to seeing some sick pieces

From what I have gathered he has a huge following and who could really blame them? Here are a just a few pieces I have found. Hope you enjoy and make sure you follow the links below!